Contract Towing

Digital Parking Management Solutions

Our Vision

Contract Towing’s vision is to become the new standard in parking management by providing the ultimate professional experience and the perfect parking solution for your property. Our company takes great pride in what we do and strongly believe we are the best in the industry. Contract Towing’s unique processes and systems provide a high level of transparency. We are like no other parking solutions company in Chicagoland.
Managing your parking with Contract Towing’s systems will increase property value, promote tenant satisfaction, tenant retention, and increase the happiness in your business office.

Our Image

Contract Towing’s image and reputation are critically important to us. We are setting a new standard for integrity and customer service in the industry.

Public perception is monumental. Towing companies have a difficult task. Let’s face it: having your vehicle removed from a property is not a pleasant experience. Our approach is to make the experience as pleasant as possible by providing 24/7 online permit registration, clearly posted signage, transparency and empathy which typically results in a better understanding on the part of the vehicle owner. Our reputation is paramount and we strive to treat everyone with respect and understanding.

Physical Image is also tremendously important to us. Contract Towing’s posted signage is aesthetically pleasing, has a softer profile, pleasant colors and provides a thorough description and warning of what unauthorized means. Patrols are done with discreet vehicles that can check a property very quickly and quietly. Drivers are fully uniformed in clearly identifiable clothing. Trucks are all newer, well cared for and neatly lettered. Our facilities are clean, neat, well-lit and professional.

Our Technology

Contract Towing’s technology is patent protected and exclusively licensed to us by OnLine Parking Pass. We utilize an accessible web database and RFID technology to patrol for unauthorized vehicles. The database is accessible by property managers and contains robust generation capabilities. Property managers are also provided GPS enabled reports of when and how often the property is patrolled. Towed vehicle reports can be automatically generated and emailed to property managers each time a vehicle is removed from the property. Removed vehicle history allows the property manager to see photos depicting the exact situation before we removed the vehicle. Every action taken by Contract Towing is time-stamped and recorded. These features provide transparency that is uncommon in the industry.

Vehicle Relocation

Contract Towing removes unauthorized vehicles by towing them. We have been in the towing industry since 1988 and are extremely professional towers. Our drivers are certified by the Towing Recovery Association of America, drug tested, background checked and individually licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission. Contract Towing is fully insured and carry excess limits. Our towing operation Is licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission under ILCC 237 RTV-R as well as ILCC 159871 STV. We also operate with authority under US D.O.T. 2573299. Contract Towing has the equipment and skill to remove any vehicle, from a motorcycle to semi-tractor/trailer.

Vehicle Reclaiming

Contract Towing’s facilities are conveniently open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we never close. Our staff is professionally trained to understand and empathize with the vehicle owner. Our facilities are well lit, fenced, and under video surveillance with audio recording. Vehicle owners are provided the opportunity to view images of their vehicles before the removal service in order to document and justify the reason for the removal. We also provide residents with a fresh copy of the property parking rules to help prevent future removals and aid in their understanding.

Professional Trade Associations

CAI – Community Associations Institute
CAA – Chicago Apartment Association
TRAA – Towing Recovery Association of America
PTROI – Professional Towing Recovery Operators of Illinois
ITRA – Indiana Towing Recovery Association
OLPPN – Online Parking Pass Network